Getting Started

Customers - How to set up your account and manage projects with Artisans?

Approximate time: 10-15 minutes.

Steps to Register:

  1. Website:
  2. Sign up/Login: You will be navigated to the main page. For new user, click on Register
  3. Sign Up Form: Fill out the ‘Sign Up’ form (all fields) and click Create your Mahjool account (Facebook, LinkedIn & Gmail accounts can also be used to log in directly).
  4. Account Activation: Once you submit the Sign Up form, you will receive an email confirmation on the email with which you registered (the email must be confirmed before you can log in to the website).
  5. Congratulations!! Once your account has been activated, you can log into Mahjool. Welcome!
  6. Selecting A Product: You can view products by browsing through the Catalog tab. When you click on the Catalog tab, the first thing you are asked to choose is the Product Category that interests you (e.g. Art, Furniture, Home & Living). Once you select the Product Category, you will be asked to select a Product Type under that specific category. Once you select the specific product you are interested in, you can start customizing.
  7. Customizing A Product: When you are on the product page like the one shown below, you can view specific details about the product and start to customize it. To start customizing, click Build This Product. Once you are in the customization page, you can select various customization parameters to modify the chosen product.
  8. Making A Purchase: Once you have completed customizing your product, click on Add to Cart to initiate a purchase. After you have verified the order, click on Proceed to Checkout, fill in the shipping, billing and payment details and click place order.
  9. Managing Projects: You can keep track & manage your Projects and Artisans by using the Studio tab.
  10. Items in Progress: You can view the products you are currently working on towards customization by viewing the ‘In Progress’ section under the Studio tab.
  11. Congratulations! You have now completed the Getting Started guide to Mahjool! If there are any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on
  12. Happy Browsing!

Artisans - How to set up your Artisan profile and upload products? How to manage your order with the customers?

Approximate time: 10-15 minutes.

Steps to Register & Manage Artisan Dashboard:

  1. Website:\admin
  2. Sign up/Login: You will be navigated to the login page. For new user, click on sign up
  3. Sign Up Form: Fill out the ‘Register your business form’ (all fields). Select the categories, where you would like your product to be displayed. (Let me know if you would like a new category)
  4. Logo: Include your logo as.
  5. Complete sign up: Click on sign up
  6. Account Activation: Once you sign up, Mahjool Admin will receive a notification about your account registration. You may want to text us at (585) 705-8966 to activate your business on Mahjool.
  7. Portfolio and Studio Page: You can review and update your studio portfolio information such as your studio name, studio description, logo, and other information.

    Your Admin View:

    Any changes you will make here will display on your customer facing studio page.

    See Below – Mahjool Ui:
  8. Product Dashboard: Click on Product Dashboard followed by click on add product button.
  9. Add Product: Here you can create your product listing with custom options you would like to offer to the customers. Fill out all the details here –

    • Product details that you will fill out will be displayed on the front facing customer facing website.
    • Default Base Price: Enter the default base price of your product. The default custom options or default specs of the product should be included in the base price.

      Your Admin View:

      Mahjool Ui:

      Please do not click on submit yet – move on to the step 10. :-)
  10. Enter Product Attributes: Click on the product attributes tab. Here you can define the product attributes of your product (such as length, height or color) and its parameters.
    • Click on template dropdown. Here you can set how do you want your customers to decide the custom options. See Appendix A and Appendix B below
    • Enter the attribute name by filling out the “Fields Name”
    • Fill out the custom options or parameters you want to offer to the customers. Eg. You want to offer four custom options/custom-choices/parameters, and the customer can choose one of them or more than one. You can enter Rectangle, Oval, Square, etc. In addition, you can add more options by clicking on +.
    • Define the price of each custom option (0, 20, 5 as shown in image). Based on how customer selects the options, the price of “selected” custom options will be added to the base price of the product.
    • Choose the default custom option/spec/attribute of the product. You will notice the price has been adjusted to $zero. This default option should be included in your product base price.

      Note: A customer can buy the product as it is without customizing it or he can buy full customized by selecting multiple options.

      Your Admin View:

      Mahjool Ui:
  11. Click on Submit: You will be navigated to the product dashboard page after saving it.
  12. Congratulations! You should be able to see your product in product dashboard table, and Mahjool Catalog!

Appendix A: Template Options

Template Customer Facing Behavior Customer Facing UI
Color Picker The customer can opt for single color choice.
Checkbox The customers can opt for multiple custom choices
Radio Button The customers can opt for single custom choice
Dropdown The customers can opt for single custom choice in dropdown style
Image upload single choice The customer can opt for single custom choice by selecting an image.
Image upload multiple choice The customers can opt for multiple custom choices by selecting multiple images. Similar to above, but you can choose multiple images.

Appendix B: Sample Product Attributes Tab