Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a public profile?

In order to create a Artisans Public Profile, you will need to visit Mahjool's Artisans Sign Up page found at here

How can an Artisan put their bank account details?

Currently banking on Mahjool is a manual process, you will need to provide your bank account details to

Is Mahjool for makers and customers residing in the US only?

Yes, currently Mahjool is catering to just the residents of USA. After our international logistics are finalized, we will be opening up to international makers.

Will you provide makers the contact details of the customers?

Yes, the contact details of the customers will be part of the work order submitted. You can view them under the My Active Orders section.

Do you entertain returns from the customers?

Yes, the returns process is currently a manual process and is handled on a case-by-case basis. An email regarding the reason for return needs to be sent to

Will you assign mangers to the makers to overlook the work process or get in touch with in case of emergency?

No, Mahjool considers each Maker as an individual business entity. Mahjool does offer Small Business Consulting Services which can be used by Makers to evaluate and improve their business.

Can a customer in the US get his customized product from an Makers outside the country?

No, currently Mahjool is catering to just the residents of USA. After our international logistics are finalized we will be opening up to international makers.

What range of products do you offer customization for?

There are no strict limits of the product Mahjool offers. They are purely based on each makers portfolio and offerings.

Is there an advertising facility available with Mahjool?

Not as of now. Mahjool is working on implementing such a feature.

Do makers have to bear the logistic cost?

Yes, the shipping and delivery of products is managed by the respective maker selling the product.

Does a maker get his payment in advance or after work?

The payment structure is based on the following milestones:
  • Product Order Placed - 50% cost
  • Product Shipped - 25% of cost
  • Product Received - 25% of cost

Can a customer switch to another maker if he didn’t like the work without paying any extra money?

The customer is free to switch makers before starting an order. Once an order has been placed and 25% fee is paid, a refund can be initiated within 5 business days from the date the order was placed.

Will customers be able to see their products being customized audio-visually?

Mahjool has left this decision to the discretion of makers.

Can a maker, already working with a company, be a part of Mahjool?

Yes, any individual who is an artist and wants to sell customized products can be a part of Mahjool regardless of who they work for. However, a maker should refrain from making multiple businesses on Mahjool.

Can a maker get another project while he is still working on one?

Absolutely. Depending on the makers capacity, they can take on multiple projects.

Do customers have to pay directly to makers or Mahjool?

The payment for each sale will be made to Mahjool.

Will Mahjool provide the raw material for goods?

No, each maker is responsible for their own raw materials needed for their products.

Will there be a 24/7 helpline for both makers and customers for immediate queries?

Yes, please contact for immediate assistance.

Will makers be allowed to go offline in case they don’t want to work for a while?

Yes, makers can deactivate their account if they want.